The Rosetti Marino Group strongly believes in the RSY challenge in the yacht industry, leveraging on its experience in the construction of commercial vessels thereby granting the highest standards of safety and reliability during navigation. RSY’s philosophy is based on supporting a more analytical and practical approach in superyacht manufacturing. Our expertise starts at the heart of project management, sourcing the most suitable suppliers for each element of the build and selecting the right materials for each boat project. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, our main goal consists in matching the architect’s design as closely as possible with them whilst making practical adjustments to make the project feasible.


Rosetti Superyachts is the place where our clients’ dreams come true. We are able to translate an idea into a final project, from its inception to its completion. In doing so, we can either rely on the designers we normally work with or alternatively collaborate with a designer chosen by the client. Our skilled team of professionals works in direct contact with the designer to develop both the concept and the engineering behind it, securing a perfect match between the initial project and the safety and quality standards Rosetti Superyachts can offer. RSY’s team consists of engineers with different specializations in charge of all the nautical and technical aspects of the project and a dedicated style office which works closely with both the designer’s studio and the client to define style, décor and finishing of the yacht.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is the result of a collective effort of the top management, our partners and their subsidiaries. For the Rosetti Marino Group, ethics and reliability are the main credentials needed to enter the market. With the adoption of this code, we have clearly identified our values and ethical principles  which are already rooted in our business culture and we have drawn up rules of conduct and consequent rules for its implementation. All the administrators, employees and collaborators of Rosetti Superyachts as well as those of the other companies within the Rosetti Marino Group, are not only responsible  for  ensuring observance of the Code of Ethics whilst conducting business and managing relations but also for raising awareness regarding its requirements and setting an example for its concrete application. We are proud of the creation and the implementation of this document and we kindly ask all those who work and communicate with us to respect and adopt it. You can learn more about our Code of Ethics, here.