Rosetti Marino SpA was established in 1925 as an evolution of the previous Rosetti Menotti founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The Group is a global leader in both the engineering and the construction of on-shore and off-shore plants as well as a wide range of commercial ships, ranging from ocean-going tugs and platform supply vessels to passenger ferries equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for propulsion, automation, navigational aids and control systems. Quoted on the Milan stock exchange (AIM list) and comprising 18 companies, 9 branch offices and 1,200 employees, the company has established a world-renowned reputation, in both the Energy and Shipbuilding markets, for its highly efficient custom-built vessels, for respecting delivery times and for its effective post-delivery support.


Rosetti Marino is an evolution of Rosetti Menotti,  founded at the beginning of the 20th century and established in Ravenna, North East Italy, as a mechanical workshop.


Rosetti Marino contributes to the development of the chemical and petrochemical industry in Ravenna and also operates as a shipyard, converting coal fuel to naphtha and carrying out hull maintenance.


The company begins the construction of offshore oil & gas facilities for the Adriatic Sea and tugs for the local market. It also launches its ship repair activities.


The company supplies local clients with barges and tugs. (Launch)


There is an increase in the production of tugboats, which has become the central focus of Rosetti Marino’s shipbuilding activities.


Rosetti Marino embarks in the construction of ferries of different sizes, both for the open sea and for inland waters. The hull assembly area in the San Vitale shipyard is increased in size in order to accommodate larger vessels.


Rosetti Marino further develops its skills and capabilities in building different types of tugs from harbour tugs to powerful ocean-going tugs with ASD, tractor and VSP type propulsion systems. The first Platform Supply Vessel is built for the offshore market.


Anchor Handling Tugs and Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels with up to 220t BP are built and particular attention is placed on the development of projects for the design and construction of eco-friendly Diesel Electric/Hybrid and LNG-fueled ferries and tugboats.


The PSVs built by Rosetti Marino are currently operating on deep-sea offshore projects and continue to demonstrate a high level of operational capability, efficiency and reliability.


Rosetti Marino turns its shipbuilding experience and technical know-how to the superyacht sector, securing its position as leader in the engineering and construction of commercial vessels.